What is Pinterest for and can I use Pinterest in business?

So, what IS Pinterest for? It’s a great question! Many people I’ve come across look at me a little blankly when I say I’m a Pinterest manager. Isn’t Pinterest for saving pictures of wedding dresses or recipes? What do you even manage on Pinterest?

When I explain I manage business accounts on Pinterest the next question follows: Can I use Pinterest in business?

You absolutely can! If you have a business selling products, writing blogs, or looking to increase website traffic, it’s more than likely that Pinterest will work for you.

Let’s dive into some Pinteresting basics!

What is the purpose of Pinterest ?

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Pinterest users overwhelmingly use Pinterest for inspiration, planning and shopping. There are some elements in Pinterest that encourage people to interact with content in a similar way to social media platforms. For example, you’re able to like images, comment on them and follow accounts. But Pinterest is still largely used as a search engine, not for socializing.

How does Pinterest work ?

As a search engine, Pinterest operates a lot like Google. When you search for a topic, instead of a list of links, you’re shown a list of relevant images (called pins) in a feed.

Although Pinterest is constantly developing, for now Pinterest still makes it very easy for users to leave the platform through clickable images and links that lead to straight to a website. Basically, you visit Pinterest, you click, you go! This functionality makes Pinterest a potential goldmine if you’re looking for website traffic.

If you’re more interested in using Pinterest for visual inspiration, such as looking for recipes for meal planning, Pinterest is the best place to be. You’re able to save images you love into boards and keep all like images together by giving your boards names. For example, you could create a board called Breakfast recipes and save all your favorite breakfast recipes to this board.

Changes more recently incorporated do include the ability to shop on Pinterest without needing to leave the Platform. Idea pins (formerly story pins), currently very popular on Pinterest, don’t include clickable links leading that take you to the account’s website or blog page. These changes show Pinterest is becoming more interested in keeping users on the platform.

How to use Pinterest in business

So how do you use Pinterest to grow your business?

Firstly, to get the most out of Pinterest, you’d start a Pinterest business account and make use of their business features. Read more about the benefits of a Pinterest for business account here.

You can market your blog, product, videos, courses – almost anything you can think of – on Pinterest. To do this you need to create click-worthy pins. Every pin is an advertisement of your offering.

If you sell products, you’d create a pin for each product and post it to Pinterest from your Pinterest business account.

If you’re a blogger, you’d create a pin for each blog post and use a beautiful on-brand image and a catchy title to make Pinterest users want to click to your website.

If you create workout videos, you’d create a pin using branded photos or stock photography images with a title telling users what the video was about.

If you’re a wedding photographer, you’d pin your wedding photography images to Pinterest for potential brides or wedding planners to find and save.

Depending on your business, users will either be enticed to buy your products on Pinterest or on your website, visit your website (or social media channels) to read your informative blogs and purchase your courses, services or products, or get to know more about you via idea pins.

These are just some of the ways you can use Pinterest to grow your business.

Can you make money working from home as a Pinterest manager ?

The answer to this is absolutely! Working from home as a Pinterest VA or Pinterest manager is a viable way to earn money, even in 2021. 

There are a number of ways to go about becoming a Pinterest manager. You can take a course, educate yourself via the many Pinterest tutorials available online or find a mentor who will teach you.

Starting a Pinterest VA business where you provide Pinterest management services for businesses is quite straightforward. Some basic steps include marketing yourself online, developing your own Pinterest account, deciding what services to offer and finding clients.

Decide what your goals are regarding how much time per day or week you’d like to be working and how much money you’d like to make. This will help you develop a relevant strategy for your business.

Pinterest is an exciting platform for businesses to be using as part of their marketing strategy. The effectiveness of using Pinterest in business marketing has been proven many times over. Once you’ve seen the results for yourself, you’ll realise it’s a valuable skill to be able to offer to entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Help your business rank up with SEO on Pinterest

SEO is a big deal. Pinterest can play an important role in helping your business website rank on Google. 

Pinterest managers, Pinterest VAs or your own Pinterest efforts should be focused on optimizing pins for Pinterest SEO. This is done via SEO rich pin descriptions, board descriptions and images optimized with keywords.

Another way to boost your Pinterest SEO is to repin pins from large accounts within your niche. As Pinterest already ‘knows’ these accounts and they have a large SEO footprint, their pins will help teach Pinterest what your account is all about. This helps you rank in Pinterest searches more quickly.

As your content gets shared on Pinterest, it attracts Google’s attention. Your Pinterest content is searchable by Google and so plays a role in improving your search engine ranking.

While it can be challenging to rank on Google for popular search terms, a solid Pinterest strategy can get you right to the top of the feed relatively quickly.

Hiring a Pinterest Management specialist

 So when is it worth hiring a Pinterest Management specialist?

If you’re interested in growing your website traffic using Pinterest, it’ll be well worth your while to hire a Pinterest manager or VA. 

A Pinterest management specialist will be able to design beautiful pins, create an optimized pin schedule, write SEO rich pin descriptions, set up your boards, ensure your Pinterest for business account is set up currently and manage your Pinterest strategy.

We do all of this and more! Contact me to chat about developing your Pinterest presence today.

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