How to Increase website traffic with Pinterest Management services

Pinterest, the image sharing and social media platform created to discover and save information on the web on pinboards is an underrated business marketing tool. Pinterest accounts are extensively used by online businesses to drive traffic to their websites so much that nowadays we are witnessing a rise in Pinterest management services. Pinterest managers provide online services to business owners by promoting their content, products, and services on Pinterest.  They work across multiple industries and help eCommerce store owners, retailers, and other service-based businesses in running a results-driven digital marketing campaign. Their Pinterest management packages are tailored according to the client’s industry and level of competition.

How Pinterest Management services can increase traffic to your Website

To improve website traffic using Pinterest management services, Pinterest managers would assist clients in achieving their digital marketing goals by following these steps:

  • Optimization of mood boards on Pinterest
  • Carrying Out a Keyword Research for Pinterest
  • Optimization of Pinterest Profile
  • Using tools for the creation of click-worthy Pins
  • Using Scheduling tools

How to optimize your mood boards on Pinterest

Your mood board is where you stock images, GIFs, or videos in an organized and labeled way to convey a message or an idea. The first step, the most crucial one, is to have a clear reason why you want to have a mood board. Although a mood board is not the final project, it is essential in having a clear vision of the direction you are going in. It is of prime importance to the success of your Pinterest management strategy.

Mood boards are great tools to help sell your projects or concepts when you are pitching the idea to sales execs. Before diving into images, spend some time researching and including the keywords you want to visually portray. Keep it organized and concise to keep your vision intact when others will see it. Do not hesitate to drop in some explanations, after all, your aim with an optimized mood board is to get viewers to understand the intent behind it.

How to do keyword research for Pinterest

Pinterest keyword research is an essential part of Pinterest Management services and is one of the first things you will be doing to promote your business using this platform. The keywords you use will help your pins’ and boards’ ranking, hence your content. Include well-researched keywords in your content to gain popularity by showing up more often on search results. Consequently, driving more traffic to your site or blog when people click on your pins.

The easiest way to do keyword research on Pinterest is by clicking on the search icon and entering a word that is relevant to your pin. In the suggested searches you will find the most common words or strings of words that people look for. Once you enter your word on the search bar, you will find tags, in colored tiles, showing up with the most common on the left. This way you have two types of keywords you can add to your list.

The keywords appear as suggestions in the search bar and the ones on the colored tiles. Pinterest managers build up an arsenal of keywords that are ready to use and are frequently updated. Your best shot at getting your Pinterest game strong is to reach out to Pinterest management services providers.

How to Optimise your Pinterest profile

Optimizing your Pinterest Profile is a way of maximizing value for your business. It takes a few seconds to create your business profile on Pinterest, but that’s only how it starts. Your profile should provide viewers with all the information you want them to know about your business and it should be interesting enough to make them want to browse.

Companies offering Pinterest Management services start by putting your company’s logo as a profile picture, adhering to Pinterest size guidelines. Put a cover photo that reflects your business the most and which would grab people’s attention. Spend some time drafting your description to prepare the viewers for what they can expect on your business profile.

Needless to suggest that you should include your URL on your profile to boost that traffic on your site with every click! Using ‘Feature Boards’ is a way for viewers to have a sneak peek into what your page is all about, so make sure you highlight some of your strong selling points.

Which tools to use to create click-worthy Pins

For your business Pinterest profile to be a success, your pins need to be eye-catching! They should be enticed and automatically want to click and know more about what you do. Your pins should halt the viewers’ scrolling frenzy only to click on yours.

To have that visually striking pin, there exist many tools out there. Canva is one of the most popular websites to use to create amazing visuals for Pinterest. It is fairly easy to use and provides you with a lot of templates to choose from and the sizing and formats will be optimized as well. Pic Monkey is another tool you can use to design your pins. With the growing viewership of the platform, you will need to have a strong pin game and it all depends on the graphics. 

AB Designs also use Idea Pins to get maximum visibility and reach.

Which scheduling tools to use for Pinterest

Scheduling tools for Pinterest help you pin several times a day to stay on top of the Pinterest search results. The more you pin, the better are your stats when it comes to rank amongst the popular pins. It will give you more followers and traffic.

Tailwind is the most common tool used to schedule pins. It has a user-friendly interface and even lets you upload from your other social pages. It also includes other features which altogether can facilitate the management of your Pinterest profile. Buffer is also another tool enabling you to schedule pins, however, it does not possess Pinterest-specific features like Tailwind. Other tools which can be useful when scheduling pins are Hootsuite or Viraltag. 

Hire a Pinterest manager or a Pinterest management agency

With a business running, managing your Pinterest profile and implementing a Pinterest marketing strategy can become additional work that would demand quite some investment in terms of time and tools. To get great results from Pinterest, you need to optimize your profile and there are a lot of factors that go into it. I offer the Pinterest management services you need to grow your business and make it stand out from the Pinterest crowd. You can run your business while the Pinterest Managers run their Pinteresting marathon towards your success.

I also help create curated content through optimized blog posts for your website which are in turn used to create rich pins to further strengthen your Pinterest marketing strategy and improve the traffic to your website. We highly recommend having at least 3 or 4 new links (blog posts) every month.

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