Pinterest in business: Why should you hire a Pinterest VA?

Pinterest is a powerful resource to drive business to your website and as a visual search engine, it is key to any business’s marketing strategy. As with all social media platforms creating consistent, engaging and SEO-friendly content is imperative. 

How will a Pinterest VA help your business?

Hiring a Pinterest VA provides you with more of that limited and valuable resource called time. When it comes to utilising Pinterest in business, not everyone has the time and expertise to manage and take advantage of all that Pinterest has to offer. Your time could be used far more effectively growing your business, creating meaningful client relationships, producing content or courses etc.

Anyone who has managed their own Pinterest account knows how time-consuming something as simple as creating a pin can be. When looking at Pinterest from a business perspective, you need to see this platform as part of your marketing and growth strategy and it needs to be done effectively, and efficiently and should be a seamless part of your operation.

What does a Pinterest VA actually do?

A Pinterest VA will have an in-depth understanding of the platform specifically related to best practices, the latest updates and relevant features. You are paying them for their knowledge and experience on how to best use the platform to achieve your objectives.

A virtual assistant who specialises in Pinterest generally performs the following functions:

  • Pinterest Account Setup and Management
  • Pin Design
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Pin scheduling
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Pinterest Analysis

Pinterest Account Setup and Management

Your Pinterest VA will set up your account if you don’t already have one or provide an audit on your existing account. They will ensure that every aspect of your account is set up and optimised accordingly. Ongoing account management is another key aspect of a VA’s role and they are able to implement any changes timeously and accurately. Your VA will also take care of all administrative tasks related to your dashboard which can be a job in itself.

When it comes to Pinterest in business, managing your account is something that should be done consistently and covers a host of functions like optimising boards, profiles, pins etc.

Pin design 

As we mentioned Pinterest is a visual search engine and it’s all about eye-catching pins. Your VA will be able to convert your content into engaging pins and will manage all aspects of the pin design process – from creating a colour palette to updating fonts and utilising photo editors. 

Your VA will also create different types of pins with different goals to ensure you are always putting out fresh new content, like video pins, carousels etc. Designing pins to match your brand or coming up with something new is no longer something you will need to worry about.

SEO Optimisation

As you know SEO optimisation is crucial when it comes to making the most of Pinterest in business. Your target audience is looking for inspiration and wanting to try new things, so ensuring you have the correct keywords has to be a priority.

Your virtual assistant will ensure that your business is leveraging keywords, as well as creating keyword-rich titles and descriptions. 

Pin Scheduling

Consistency is key and your Pinterest VA will be responsible for creating a pinning schedule, monitoring analytics and making adjustments where necessary. It doesn’t matter how many incredible ideas you have, if they aren’t getting pinned, it won’t make any difference.

Consistent, engaging content will lead to more followers, and you want your audience to be looking forward to seeing your new content as opposed to checking in and seeing nothing new. New content shows that your brand is alive and active!

Pinning is not just straightforward, there are other factors to take into account – for example, the best time to pin. 

Targeting the right audience

It takes time to research other accounts that are in line with your brand. A VA will have a better understanding of which accounts you should be following as this helps ensure you are recommended to your target audience, and you will also appear in their follower’s recommendations.

Pinterest virtual assistants also know where and how to ensure your brand is being exposed to the right audience, and which group boards to use. Group boards are full of users who are looking for your content to save and repin.

Pinterest in business – those all-important analytics

As with any aspect of your business, analysis is key and your VA will be able to use various Pinterest-related analytics, and understand the various campaigns and their results. Reading and understanding the results is another area of expertise your VA can offer. Accurate analysis of these results will impact your existing and future marketing efforts as they will provide insights into what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

It’s all about business

If you were to spend time creating and designing numerous engaging and eye-catching pins, crafting keyword-filled descriptions and creating schedules, you could be kept busy for hours. Virtual Assistants will be able to implement all your Pinterest requirements in a far shorter time period, getting your ideas out to the market far more effectively and timeously than you would be able to on your own.

Your job is growing your business, creating a return on your investment as opposed to spending hours figuring out the best way to optimise an additional social media platform. And we all know that anything that is time consuming or onerous often gets put at the bottom of the list. With over 400 million active users and monthly searches in excess of 2 billion, utilising Pinterest in business in a no brainer. 

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