Lead Generation with LinkedIn

Lead generation with LinkedIn is the main reason a business has a presence on LinkedIn. However, lead generation with LinkedIn is not the easiest task. There are so many perks of being on LinkedIn for a business and at the same time, you should strive not to become redundant or waste your time on the wrong resources, or simply not doing the right things.  LinkedIn lead generation services are sought for the same reasons. Below are 15 ways to help you generate leads on LinkedIn.

Your 30-Seconds Elevator Pitch

The first 30 seconds a visitor comes to your page is crucial! It will determine whether your page will be followed or not and how likely the visitor will engage with you.4 out of 5 LinkedIn members are capable of decision-making about businesses. So this is your chance to bag a potential lead, hence, give it your all, wisely. Preparing a 30-second commercial, inclusive of text on your LinkedIn profile is the first step towards lead generation with LinkedIn. Your commercial should answer the main question the visitor has on the first visit to your page: “What do you do?”. Chances are, the member might be looking for something you are offering so curate your content, concisely yet precisely to provide essential information. To encourage lead generation with LinkedIn, your sales pitch or elevator pitch should include your main products or services, the industry you evolve in, the kind of suppliers you deal with, and the customers you target. It should also include the uniqueness of your business and what your ultimate business goal is. Sell yourself with a loud bang, one which will keep resonating with the visitor even after leaving your page.

Grow your Network

Growing your network organically is key to sustainable community building and to lead generation with LinkedIn. Every day, browse the “People You May Know” list and click on the “Connect” button. Doing so will increase the number of people who get to see your posts when you share them. The more your network grows, the better are your chances at reaching out to members who can potentially become your customers and the greater potential for lead generation with LinkedIn. You could make it a habit to ask people you meet in person during business events to connect with you on LinkedIn. This way you stay up to date on each other’s business activities and connect to more similar profiles via their connections. Keep in mind that your network is the primary source of leads, hence the more people you add, the more opportunities you get to generate leads. 

Create your Lead List for lead generation with LinkedIn

Building out your lead list is not a single day’s work. It is a tedious job that requires consistency over some time and a predefined profile requirement, which requires some time investment as well. One of the ways to approach this task is to dedicate a minimum of 5 minutes a day to investigate the network or connections of your 1st-degree connections. Screen the members who you do not know but who you would like to have as connections or potential leads. Make a list of them and reach out to them via InMails or through your mutual connections. While screening the LinkedIn user’s profile, check their “recommendations” and spot any member you might already know and reach out to them. Since that specific person wrote your potential lead’s recommendation it already establishes a high degree of trust and credibility. 

Follow and monitor your Clients List

Spend a couple of minutes per day inspecting your current clients and prospects and find their pages on the platform. Find out if they have a company page and follow that too. The main draw of LinkedIn is networking and this is the main feature to be used for lead generation with LinkedIn. Connecting with current customers on the platform will allow you to learn who their industry connections are and if they are relevant to the one you are in. Do not hesitate to ask for referrals, references, or recommendations from your current clients or ask to be introduced to one of their connections. Reaching out through LinkedIn feels more humane than cold calling somehow, especially if it is done via a mutual connection. Additionally, connecting with new leads on the platform gives you an edge while making a proposition. You get to gauge the person’s interests and use that to add value to your sales pitch.

Daily Updates keep you in the game

Let your creative and social self be free on the platform. For a few minutes every day, find a post, a quote, or any industry-specific content to share with your network. Make use of the daily update to share a link to an article, a post shared by a connection of a video that would catch the attention of your network and make them want to leave a reaction to it. When they do, their connections will be able to see your post as well, and should they react to it, you could always engage with them and add them to your network. One way to deal with daily updates is to use the ‘Pulse’ from the dashboard, previously known as ‘LinkedIn Today’. Do not go directly into promoting your services on daily updates unless it is an announcement or a well-thought marketing post. For a better lead generation with LinkedIn, your posts should add value and share expertise instead. 

Join Groups and Communities

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups. The more groups you are part of, the more likely you are to generate interesting and quality leads. However, managing your groups or your presence in them will get more difficult. That is why it is important to know which groups to join based on their relevance to your business. Some groups are private and would require you to be invited by a member or you can request access to them. Once you are part of a group, make sure you are an active member to increase your exposure and to pique the curiosity of the members, who could potentially be your next customer. Use the groups as a means to screen and prospect, learn from industry thought leaders and connect with like-minded professionals. Your presence on LinkedIn Groups is to add value to others, share insightful opinions, and build a network of prospects.

Celebrates accomplishments of members

Whenever you find a post shared by a member which provides good news about a client or a prospect, feel free to reshare it as an update. You can also go the extra mile and tag the relevant parties in the post to attract their attention and get a reaction from them. Of course, you will abstain from doing so if you have never spoken a word to the person. You want the reshared post to aid in reaching out to people who can potentially be of assistance to your lead generation with LinkedIn. 

Write Recommendations

A recommendation is often not granted the importance it deserves on LinkedIn. Probably, because it is such a difficult thing to secure. Recommendations are written by a LinkedIn member to have your work recognized. Normally you can request your 1st-degree connections for one. It heightens your credibility just like it would on a CV. The reason it is not easy to get recommendations is that it would require the writer to log in, write and post the recommendation which is time-consuming. The ideal way to write recommendations is to prepare a short text based on the reality of the business relationship you share with customers or key contacts. Send them the text, once they approve of it, you can share them. Your recommendation will show and their profile and serve as a permanent top-of-the-mind promotion, which costs nothing. Having recommendations written by you on key account pages where leads might spot you and hence steer to your own account. The recommendations you write will tell people that you have worked together. It is also very likely that your contact would want to return you the favor. 

Invest your time for high-quality Leads

Success in lead generation with LinkedIn rhymes with consistency. Your engagement with LinkedIn fellows and the time spent to keep your account active will gradually sustain a good level of quality lead generation. Generating high-quality leads will not happen if you work on your LinkedIn account six hours a day for a week and then nothing. Consistency is key, instead of outdoing yourself for a few days and then leave the performance curve to flatten, it is better to allocate a little time to work on it daily. The maximum time you should spend on developing your LinkedIn account is 20 minutes every day. Do this for thirty days straight, and you will have yourself a good lead lineup. 

Use Ads to grab attention!

Using sponsored content in your newsfeed to promote company updates will get you that extra attention you have been needing throughout your LinkedIn venture. Engage with your target audience on a platform of over 700 million professionals where they spend most of their time – Their Feed! Sponsored Ads come in different formats. You can deliver personalized messages, driving conversations via Sponsored InMails. Because it works more like IM, conversations threading from InMails are more dynamic and more conducive to a positive generation of lead. Using pay-per-click Text Ads to drive lead generation through a simple headling, description, and image is a very efficient way to proceed. Single image ads, carousel ads, or video ads are the popular Ads format you can use on LinkedIn to drive lead generation. 

Lead Gen Form

Probably the most efficient and effective way of generating high-quality leads in large numbers is through lead generation forms. The forms come pre-filled with very specific profile data, allowing members to send their professional information in just a few clicks.  With lead gen forms you can track the cost per lead of your campaign, through the lead form fill rate and the number of leads generated from specific target audiences. Once you post your ad, members will see it and be a click away from making it to the list of your leads. Once someone clicks on your ad, their profile data will automatically populate a form that they can submit in one click. 

Ensure you have strong sales and marketing alignment.

Consumer buying behaviors have shifted in recent years. Online is the new trade platform, which is vast with so many opportunities. Customers are now researching online hence your marketing content used to inform them will play a big role in their purchasing decision. Your online presence can be considered as a way of marketing. Your marketing decisions and plan should therefore include how you will mold your LinkedIn presence to align with your strategies. By investing enough time researching the tools for sales and marketing on LinkedIn you can be sure that it will equip you to generate good quality leads and drive your sales. Reaching out to agencies for LinkedIn lead generation services will definitely help you position yourself where you strategized and planned to be regarding your sales and marketing goals.

Make use of LinkedIn Automation Tools

The results of your efforts for lead generation with LinkedIn will depend heavily on the strategies and tools you use. To make sure you tap into the full lead-generating potential of the platform, you could always use a top-performing LinkedIn automation campaign. With automation tools, you can be generating leads while attending to other business needs, you just need to let the campaign run in the background. LinkedIn Lead Generation Services are efficient mainly because they make use of appropriate automation tools. There exists many plug-and-play LinkedIn Lead Generation strategies you can use involving automation tools. Find one that is easy to operate for you and you are good to go.

Scraping leads from a member’s post

Lead generation with LinkedIn through content retargeting is a strategy that works wonders. All you need to do is, find a popular post that is relevant to your industry and what your business is about and scrape all the comments and likes to create your list of potential leads to connect with. Make sure the post was shared by some influential figure or verified author. This can be a fairly straightforward way to get some on-the-go leads. LinkedIn lead generation services are requested for tasks like those as it requires some specific know-how.


Your Best Ally for lead generation with Linkedin is a LinkedIn Marketing Agency offering linkedin lead generation service

It goes without saying that your best chance to generate a good number of high-quality leads is by letting the professionals do it. I have the expertise you need to take care of reaping the best leads you need to drive your sales. LinkedIn lead generation services are sought by every organization that wants to tap into the full potential of their presence on the platform. 

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