How to choose the best Pinterest marketing course

Looking for an amazing Pinterest Marketing Course to help you utilize this incredible platform as part of your marketing strategy?

You may be a business owner wanting to learn about Pinterest Marketing strategies to boost your business website traffic. Maybe you’re a VA (Virtual Assistant) looking for the best Pinterest Marketing course to acquire the necessary skillset to manage your client’s Pinterest accounts.

In both cases, the first step in harnessing the power of Pinterest effectively could be to enrol in a Pinterest Academy or Pinterest course which will provide tailored Pinterest training. Any course should teach you how to use the power of Pinterest for your business in the most effective way.


Almost anyone with a little experience could call themselves a Pinterest coach, create digital content and market it. However, not everyone can actually deliver and provide truly valuable Pinterest Coaching.

Look at the Pinterest Marketing Coach’s profile and learn more about their past experience, what they have accomplished and also their success stories. Book a meeting with the Pinterest Marketing Coach and have a chat about your business requirements. As you make your needs clear and lear ore about what they can offer you, it should be easy to gauge if this is the right person for your business needs.

Some Pinterest Coaches specialize in very niche industries and others have a much wider experience.

Many Pinterest Marketing Courses offer a basic introduction to Pinterest, which is great for beginners. If you’re past the beginner stage, however, this may not be what you need. It’s important to be clear about your expectations to avoid disappointment (and a wasted investment) . A Pinterest Marketing Coach should be able to tailor your training so that it fills your knowledge gaps without rehashing what you already know.


Pinterest marketing courses rates can vary between $300 – $2000. A comprehensive beginner’s Pinterest marketing course would cost as low as $150 while an Intermediate to expert Pinterest marketing course would be in the range of $500 – $900.

These courses would allow you to run your business marketing on Pinterest and teach you multiple tips and strategies on how to best leverage this platform for your specific business needs.

However, if you are an agency or a VA wishing to get a more in-depth Pinterest Marketing course to be able to manage all your clients’ Pinterest Marketing Strategies irrespective of their industry, niche or whether you will be driving organic or both organic and promoted Pinterest Marketing campaigns, you can have a look at our Pinterest Marketing courses which you can purchase within a budget of $199-$499.

This type of training will make you a real Pinterest Business Manager, a specialist able to apply your skills to any type of client or industry. You will also have sufficient knowledge to train other VA’s or any other person wishing to become a Pinterest Manager.


There are many Pinterest courses available with downloadable content, videos and other resources on offer. This may seem great as these resources are cost-effective and the material can be kept for future reference. However, keep in mind that Pinterest Training material may not be able to answer your specific questions.

Nothing beats face-to-face training with human interaction. It is normal for any entrepreneur to have industry-specific questions. Also, as each person’s learning style is different, having someone to whom you can talk and who can talk back to you is a Deal Maker!

Keep in mind that the Pinterest algorithm, like any other in the online universe, changes over time and as such so should Pinterest strategies and tips. Any trained Pinterest business manager can follow the trends and adapt to changing algorithms. Pinterest ebooks that can be purchased from a website are static material.

You might end up buying a ‘cheap’ book with outdated information which will end up being useless or gear you in the wrong direction. This could negatively impact your Pinterest Marketing Strategy on your Pinterest account or your client’s Pinterest account.


If you want to focus on your business and let a trained Professional Pinterest Marketing Manager manage your business Pinterest account you can contact AB designs or have a look at our different packages.

If you’d like to become a Pinterest Business Manager, you can apply for coaching and choose the best option for you.

We encourage you to grab a warm coffee or a fresh soda and book a meeting with AB designs to tell us more about you and what you’re looking for. We’ll answer your questions with a smile and happily assist you.

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