Step-by-step guide on How To Become A Pinterest Manager in 2021

As Pinterest is becoming more and more popular among digital marketers, I want to share 7 steps on how to become a Pinterest Manager, the same ones which help me become a successful Pinterest Manager.

A Pinterest Manager is basically a Virtual Assistant who is working an online job from home or office (for bigger players)

Working as a Pinterest Manager can be a fun and fulfilling job and is a good match for you creative people. 

Here are the steps which I took to learn how to become a Pinterest Manager.

In this guide, I will tell you how to find clients online and also what a Pinterest Manager does, and how you can become a Pinterest Manager too. Learning these steps will give you an advantage when potential customers looking to hire a Pinterest Manager approach you.

7 Steps how to become a Pinterest Manager

Step #1: Research and teach yourself

You want to know whether or not you have the soft skills to start as a Pinterest Account Manager. Anyone who wants to know how to become a Pinterest Manager needs to acquire a set of skills before starting and you will need to train yourself and learn to below list:

  • Managing a Pinterest Business Account
  • Claiming a website on Pinterest
  • Enabling rich pins
  • Optimising Pinterest business profile and pin images
  • Writing a Pinterest SEO-friendly and search engine optimized pin captions
  • Creating quality Pinterest boards
  • Finding and joining industry relevant group boards 
  • Understanding Pinterest Analytics
  • Scheduling pins using tools such as Tailwind

Step #2: Create your portfolio or profile on Pinterest

As you learn how to become a Pinterest Manager, you should start your own Pinterest page, manage and grow your Pinterest account and monitor your analytics. Use your own Pinterest page as a portfolio item with metrics and analytics which show your progress and results.  

Clients want to see what you have done and what they can expect from you before they decide to work with you.

Step #3: Competitive analysis

The analysis does not mean copy. Do a Google search with terms such as Pinterest Manager or Pinterest Marketing packages and see who ranks at the top. These are your main competitors. See what they do, have a look at their Pinterest management packages and what is included in their package. 

This should be the standard and give you a fair idea of what clients are looking for and how to build your own packages and offers.

Step #4: Finding clients 

Clients won’t start asking you to manage their accounts. You will need to market yourself and make sure your offer ends up under your potential clients’ noses. Establish who is your ideal client and then look them up. For example, if your ideal clients are real estate companies who are startups, then look for them where they probably are: Facebook Pages. Find them, see if they have a presence on Pinterest. If not contact them with a pitch and if they do, contact them telling them the benefits you could bring to their business. 

My best advice which I retained while I was learning how to become a Pinterest Manager: Always emphasize the benefits, not WHAT you do.

Step #5: Understand your clients

Even if you are still learning how to become a Pinterest Manager, you need to secure a call or interview. The best way to do that is to show your prospective clients what kind of results you can achieve for them on Pinterest.

Look at your potential client’s website and note down all the optimizations you can bring to their Pinterest business account.

Show them a few pin ideas by designing some gorgeous click-worthy pins which they could use on their Pinterest account.

 Look at their website and what they offer and Gove them some ideas on how they could manipulate their content to repurpose it on Pinterest.

Step #6:  Create a website or portfolio 

As you learn how to become a Pinterest Manager and you start working with a few clients, make sure that you are building a portfolio to show your prospective clients what they can expect from you. The best way to do this is by building your own website. A very valuable add-on for your website is to have blog posts published regularly and share your expertise and tips you gain from experience.

There are many ways to get your own website design for free. Follow this article for a complete walkthrough.

Step #7: Marketing

Now that you have your website and your first Pinterest clients, you are officially a Pinterest Manager and you can start marketing yourself as such.

Freelancers, virtual assistants, and Pinterest managers often get lost on their current work and forget to market themselves to GROW. 

You now need to build your brand reputation online. You can start blogging regularly and sharing tips that you learn, or insights. You can establish a presence on social media platforms and share your blogs and content there.

Try to be helpful on social media by commenting on relevant posts with real information. An example of relevant information is this very blog which is intended to help people learn how to become a Pinterest Manager. As a Pinterest manager, you are a precious time-saver and when your potential clients see your expertise through your multiple posts, many will not have the time to apply the knowledge you are sharing and will consider reaching out to you to do the work for them.

You don’t have to babe present on all social media platforms. Of course, Pinterest is a must, but you might also want to consider LinkedIn and maybe Instagram. The trick here is to identify who you want to work with and then be present on the platforms where they are on.

Bonus content

How to get Pinterest Manager jobs 

Now that you have learned how to become a Pinterest Manager, you are wondering how to get your first Pinterest Manager Jobs. 

As a freelancer, the quickest and most efficient way would be to find a mentor – a Pinterest Coach who will give you one-on-one guidance on how to become a successful Pinterest Manager.

These usually cost anywhere between US$250 – US$1,500 depending on the Pinterest Coach’s experience, whether it is video material or live video coaching and what is included.

Do you want to learn how to become a Pinterest Manager and gain experience without having to purchase any course? Then you can choose to make your own case study but this will take much more time and effort.

Find a business Pinterest account that you can work with. Ask friends or maybe offer to help a business for free. Set some objectives within a specific timeline and make sure your objectives are measurable. 

Now do what you do best! Apply your Pinterest Marketing services, design Pins, create keyword-rich pin descriptions, schedule the pins regularly and analyze the results.

Do this over 3 months minimum to gather enough data and use this to share on all your platforms to show the results you obtained. 

For best results, try working with 2 or 3 companies, use different strategies and you will then be able to see what works,  learn what works best for which industry and you will have a greater chance of having a well-performing account to show off in your portfolio.

 What does a Pinterest Manager do?

Pinterest Managers offer Pinterest management services to help their clients grow a presence on Pinterest and/or drive traffic to their website. Some of these clients offer services, some products and others have blogs or affiliate links which they promote through Pinterest.

Some of the tasks a Pinterest Manager needs to perform are listed below and you can also find a more in-depth article to walk you through each one of these here.

Create click-worthy pins

Creating Pins that are click-worthy requires skill but with some practice and the proper tools, you will be able to create pins that fit your client’s brand and which are beautiful at the same time.

Writing Keyword-rich Pins description 

Writing descriptions that make your content discoverable is what differentiates between a pin scheduling assistant and a professional Pinterest manager. Keyword research is essential and part of the search engine optimization efforts.

Schedule pins

Using the right tools such as Tailwind, you will be able to schedule all your pins in advance with the relevant images, descriptions, and hashtags.

Proper time management is essential to be able to manage a business Pinterest account efficiently and these tools will help you save a lot of time by streamlining your efforts. Pin all your content at once for the week or the month and switch to another client while your content is being published automatically as per the schedule you have chosen.

Apply to group boards

As a Pinterest Manager, you may have to find relevant boards for your client. This means that you will be researching boards and joining them on their behalf. Make sure you stay updated on the boards’ rules and keep in touch with the board owners.

Publishing to group boards will allow you to increase your Pinterest presence, exposure, reach and increase your website traffic also.


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