Everything About Pinterest Shopping Features

Pinterest is an effective social media platform for eCommerce companies, but recent changes by the platform have made it even more powerful. This post will walk you through the new Pinterest shopping features and provide some tips to help you make the most of those changes.

Pinterest offers a wide range of tools for eCommerce sellers. You can use everything from keyword research tools to sales tracking and analytics to grow your brand’s presence on Pinterest and drive more traffic to your website or marketplace store.

But one of the most critical aspects of using Pinterest to sell products online is making sure that you are using all of the best shopping features available. These features will help you gain exposure for your products, increase traffic to your website or store, and get sales from new customers. You will definitely have an advantage compared to people who do not leverage this tool.

Promoted pins

A Pinterest business account is a fantastic marketing tool for your eCommerce business. It helps you increase brand awareness and drive traffic, sales, and revenue. Promoted Pins are a great way to get the visibility you want for your products on Pinterest.

As with most social media advertising platforms, you can target your audience by location, device type, gender, language, keywords (including interest keywords), our customer lists. You can also exclude people or customers from your campaigns.

Rich pins

If you want to be able to tag your products in Pinterest posts and add the pricing information, you’ll need to set up rich pins. These are different from regular Pins because they include additional information. Rich pins are available for movies, recipes, articles (including the headline, author name, story description), products, and apps. 

For example, a rich pin for fashion and beauty could include keywords such as “manicure” or “facials” and rich pins for home decor could include “interior design” or “kitchen decor”.

Product pins

This feature makes it simple for people on Pinterest to click through to buy products on your website. They include a price and direct link to the product page so people can easily buy what they like.

When you use product pins, you can add important details directly to your Pin, including pricing information, availability, and a direct link to purchase the item. Product pins with this type of additional information automatically update if the price or availability changes, and all of this happens without any need for manual updates from you!

Shop on Pinterest in search

One of our most popular shopping features is Shop in search. When you’re looking for inspiration, you can see a whole range of products related to your original search. This feature also added a new way to shop the look by making it easier to buy from the brands you love. Just tap the More from the brand icon at the top of your search results, and you’ll be able to browse all their products in one place.

Pinterest shopping List

The feature has made it easier to manage your shopping list on Pinterest. You can now see the number of shoppers on Pinterest who have saved each product, which helps you decide if it’s right for you, save items and later add them to your shopping cart. They also introduced a new feature that lets you move items between lists. For instance, if you’re planning a trip but want an item now, copy it over to your wish list to easily find it when it’s time to shop.

Pinterest shopping with lens

Using the lens on Pinterest

The Lens is a new visual search tool that lets you shop for objects you see in the real world. Just point your phone at something exciting and tap the Lens icon (a white circle with a dot in the center) to get ideas and buy products inspired by it.

You can use Lens on objects, locations, animals, food, etc. Once you’ve found an item you like, tap the Pin icon to save it. You can also share Pins from Shopping ads on Pinterest with friends via text or your favorite messaging apps.

Shopping on Pinterest makes it easy to find great products without switching apps or websites. You can use Lens to shop the products you see out in the world, or tap Shop in search results and in Pins to explore similar items from our partners around the web. You can also visit your shopping feed to discover new trends and relevant Pins based on your interests.

You can already use Lens to shop, and now you can see items similar to what you’re looking for. Take a photo of an object or browse one from your camera roll, then select the “Shop similar” button to see similar products from retailers like Walmart, H&M, and more. You can even search with a screenshot. When you take a screenshot of any item on Pinterest or the web, you’ll see visually similar pins so you can find more inspiration and shop products based on what’s in the image.

Shopping spotlights

Pinterest shopping ads appear as Shopping Spotlights in a user’s home feed and are designed to highlight a brand’s product catalog on the platform. The products shown in Shopping Spotlights are visually appealing, personalized, and relevant to the user’s interests, based on their pins, searches, and recent activity for the best shopping experience.

Users can tap on any of the product images in the Spotlight to be directed to that item’s Pin, where they’ll see a price and description. These Pins can also include additional information like material type or color options.

Pinterest shopping ads

You can use Pinterest Ads Manager to create and manage Pinterest advertisements. The Ads Manager allows you to control how much you spend on advertising, where your ads are shown, and who sees them. You can also see how well your ads perform, which will be important information when deciding if Pinterest is a good platform for your business’s marketing efforts.

Pins have a huge potential to go viral

As a marketer, we know the importance of getting your content shared. With Pinterest, repins happen even more frequently than retweets on Twitter. A small pin can quickly grow into a significant phenomenon.

Why is this? Because, unlike social media platforms where users are connected with friends and family members, Pinterest users are associated with people who share similar interests. Users who see your product will likely repin if it’s relevant to them or their followers.

Pins live longer

When you post content on Twitter or Facebook, it has a short lifespan. However, with Pinterest, pins live almost forever. If someone pins your blog post today next month, they can still find it and refer back to it again and again in the future. Links stay active as long as the image is pinned, making Pinterest a potent marketing tool.

Buyable pins 

This feature allows users to purchase products directly from the platform without ever leaving Pinterest. When you see a pin with a blue price tag, it is a buyable pin, and you can purchase it right away.

You can check out as a guest or with PayPal. The best part about Buyable Pins is that they are easy to set up. If you have a Shopify store, all of your products will automatically become buyable pins once you install the free Pinterest app from Shopify.

Set up your Pinterest shop

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