Everything about Pinterest Management Services

Pinterest Management Services regroup multiple tasks which a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest VA can offer as an online service. Pinterest management services are basically carrying out multiple tasks which all have the same end objective of creating a more easily discoverable Pinterest profile page and driving traffic to your client’s website.

As a Pinterest Manager offering Pinterest management services, you do not need to carry out all of the tasks by yourself. If there is anything you don’t feel comfortable doing or just do not have the time or skill, you can just outsource this to a specialist. For example, you could ask a graphic designer to create your pin designs or you could ask for assistance from a content writer to write descriptions.

Difference between a Pinterest Manager and a Pinterest VA

Pinterest manager

A Pinterest Manager is someone who has marketing skills and knows how to create a strategy, testing it out by implementing multiple test scenarios and refining the strategy. They will look at the Pinterest profile of their client and analyze the trends in their respective industry and they will provide insightful suggestions to their clients. Pinterest managers are in charge of the whole Organic growth of the Pinterest business account and offer very comprehensive Pinterest management services.

Ask us for my monthly Pinterest management packages.

Pinterest VA

A Pinterest VA is a virtual assistant and will usually only implement what their client requests or what their Pinterest Manager asks them to do. They have a basic understanding of Pinterest, know how to perform the tasks, and have multiple skills but they will not usually have the marketing approach. They know how to do what they do but not always why.

A Pinterest Manager helps businesses promote their products and services and increase their website traffic through the Pinterest platform.

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Pinterest management services you can offer

Setting up the account for Success

To use Pinterest in business and promote their online business, your client will need to have a Pinterest business account. As a Pinterest manager, you will perform an audit of their existing Pinterest profile and optimize their account. We have previously posted an article that covers how you can optimize a Pinterest Business account.

Optimizing a Pinterest business account is a once-off task that is essential to the good running of the Pinterest Marketing strategy.

Pins scheduling

Pinterest offers the possibility of posting pins individually and manually. However, for Pinterest managers, this might not be the most effective method. Any Pinterest manager offering Pinterest Management services should make use of Tailwind which is an app used to schedule pins to Pinterest.

Using Tailwind, the Pinterest Manager will be able to upload their original pin designs, write their pin description enriched with target keywords, and schedule it according to the best times for their audience. The tailwind account is usually excluded from Pinterest management services and each Pinterest management client needs to register for their own account.

Group boards management

Pinterest Management services also include managing group boards. Applying to join groups, sharing content, and re-sharing the group’s content while complying to the group’s rules are other tasks a Pinterest Manager can carry out to ensure their client gets the maximum visibility on the platform.

Designing pins

Pins are your front window. Once your pins start showing on your prospects’ feeds, they can get you these clicks. However, if you have a dull pin design, chances are that no one is even going to read its description and is even less likely to click on any link.

Having a click-worthy pin is an essential part of any Pinterest marketing strategy. Its purpose is to attract the eyeballs and to promote your brand through a consistent and elegant design.

Writing SEO-friendly pin descriptions

It’s all about intent and trends! Pinterest Managers perform keyword research and find the common terms which people look for. There are thousands of these, and choosing the right ones for the number of queries and difficulty level or even geographical location is what makes the difference.

A successful pin description will be rich in keywords and be recognized by the algorithm as valuable content and be ranked up, thus appearing more often to the target audience.

As on any search engine, Pinterest allows its subscribers to pay for views and clicks. However, the competition is not as high as on Google for example (not for now). Paying for ads is a great way of promoting new Pinterest business accounts or getting an edge over your direct competition for bigger players.

Most Pinterest Managers will include promoted pins as part of their Pinterest management services excluding the cost of the Ads.

Blog post management 

For your campaign to work on Pinterest, you need to have multiple links to share to direct people to your website. For this purpose, we highly recommend maintaining a blog. Managing a blog can be done by creating new content on a weekly basis or even a daily basis or it could be repurposing content such as interviews, video tutorials, etc.

These blogs (links to these articles) can be repurposed a couple of times each, so it is important that you keep creating new content regularly.

Coaching and training

As you become more comfortable with Pinterest and managing your own clients, you can pass on this knowledge to aspiring Pinterest VAs or aspiring Pinterest Managers by offering 1 on 1 coaching sessions. Teach them what you have learned on the field and give them all the tips and tricks to prevent them from making the same mistakes (if any).

As more and more people are looking for ways to make money online, Pinterest coaching can be a way of supplying for this demand and growing your business.

Using Pinterest for marketing

There are hundreds of millions of Pinterest users worldwide and this number keeps growing. More than 90% of active Pinterest users admit that they browse Pinterest with a commercial intent, which means they are on Pinterest to find and buy things.

This means that Pinterest management services will become more and more sought after as the general public becomes aware of the marketing potential Pinterest has.

Tips to succeed as a Pinterest manager

Following a course or getting training will help you get started as a Pinterest manager. However, here are a few tips you should know before you launch your Pinterest Management services business:

Marketing objectives

Understand your client’s objectives, look at their content and make a plan. Create your Pinterest marketing strategy and set clear action points.

Reporting insights and analytics

No strategy is one if there is no data to analyze. Pinterest provides analytics for Pinterest business accounts and understanding these may help you refine your strategy and be more surgical in your targeting. A Pinterest Marketing manager will be able to analyze this data side by side with data from their Google analytics to strengthen their strategy.

Keywords research for Pinterest

Do not write fancy descriptions. Be technical. Use your keyword research and make this description not only nice to read but also efficient in helping your account be found.

Schedule your pins with tailwind

Scheduling pins manually work perfectly well. However, if you want to run a Pinterest management services agency, you will need to scale up and use the tools which are available. Scheduling will save you precious time while making your client’s account is always seen as active.

Content planning

All successful marketing strategies have a planned content calendar. The content is planned in advance, pins designed, blogs written, descriptions all written and sent for approval to the client. This will avoid having any last-minute changes or mistakes.

Having planned content allows you to focus your resources. For example, it could take 2 days to create a month’s worth of pins for 1 client. A Pinterest Manager would be able to finish the month’s content for 1 Pinterest business account in 3-4 days. That way they are more flexible and are less likely to be late in scheduling content.

If you don’t have much experience or are just starting, try not to do the work for free. Also, it may be tempting but don’t do work in exchange for a testimonial either. Instead, offer your services at a discounted rate under a beta service guise.

This simply means that the service is still in its trial phase or testing phase and isn’t ready to live yet. This will let you learn on the jobs and teach you how to manage the account(s) effectively while earning along the way.

Tools to run a successful Pinterest management services business

We have listed a few tools here which you can use to make your job as a Pinterest Manager a bit easier:

  1. Tailwind – Schedule your pins effortlessly, insert your designs and descriptions and schedule.
  2. Tailwind Tribes – a feature of Tailwind to help you boost your traffic through the help of communities.  
  3. Canva – Create awesome Pin designs and get access to millions of stock photos
  4. AsanaTrello – As a Pinterest Manager, you can use these to keep track of your Pinterest VAs or just to plan your work and manage your multiple clients.

2 Things Pinterest managers must do for their client’s success

1) Knowledge of marketing objectives

Driving traffic from Pinterest is only part of a marketing strategy and Pinterest Management services. Getting targetted traffic is the ultimate goal of a Pinterest Manager and this traffic can have different intent such as:

  • Informational
  • Commercial
  • Navigational
  • Transactional

A good Pinterest Manager will be able to look at the client’s website and provide marketing tips to improve the rate of the desired action on the website.

2) Setting up correctly

A few technical things to set up before starting the Pinterest campaign:

  • Claiming the website on Pinterest
  • installing the Pinterest Tag correctly on the website
  • enabling Rich Pins

Pinterest has a lot of resources that explain all of this. However, it would be wise to ask a webmaster to perform these on the client’s website.

What are the benefits of Pinterest management services?

Before hiring a Pinterest manager

Hours spent on Pinterest trying to find out what and how to promote yourself

You know you need a business account, boards set up, and pins created, but you don’t have time since you have a business to run.

Loss of motivation as the traffic is not coming. You spared some time to do some DIY designs but it is showing no results.

You spent time working on a strategy and the algorithm changed and you do not know what to do.

After Hiring a Pinterest Manager

You can focus on your business fully as you know you have an expert taking care of your Pinterest Marketing

You have more time and resources as you have now outsourced part of your operations

You get the added value of getting input from your Pinterest Manager to help grow your business

You receive reports and analysis which makes it easier to gear your strategic marketing efforts

Pinterest manager FAQs

What is a Pinterest manager?

A Pinterest Manager helps businesses in optimizing their presence on Pinterest and drive traffic to their website through Pinterest Marketing strategies.

Why Hire a Pinterest manager?

Most businesses need visibility and brand awareness. They want to put their offer in front of their buyers and this is exactly what Pinterest Managers do. Pinterest Managers will help a business grow by leveraging the power of Pinterest.

What is a Pinterest manager’s salary?

A Pinterest Manager can earn from $500 and up to $1,000/month per account depending on the number of Pins and descriptions offered as well as the number of target keywords.

How can I become a Pinterest manager?

You can take a course online or book a 1-to-1 training session with a Pinterest coach.

How to get clients as a Pinterest manager?

There is no shortcut. You can offer to manage accounts for free in the beginning to build a portfolio and get referrals. You should also optimize your own LinkedIn profile and reach out to professionals there through meaningful engagement.
Cold e-mails also still work. Look for websites online in industries you know would perform well on Pinterest, jump to their Pinterest account and send them. free audit. If they do not have a presence, you can send them a pitch.

Is Pinterest a social media platform?

Even though it is commonly thought to be a social media platform, Pinterest is a Search Engine just like Google. However, Pinterest is a visual search engine.


For businesses targeting their first million monthly views or just wanting to extend their existing presence, Pinterest Management services will definitely help by bringing a massive amount of targeted traffic to their website/s. Hiring a Pinterest Manager allows business owners to focus on their core business while their Pinterest Marketing generates leads in the background. There is no need of employing a full time staff. Instead, businesses can outsource this task to Pinterest Marketing experts.

Pinterest Management services are part of Digital Marketing and when performed correctly can be a strategic tool to scale up a business and reach out to a massive amount of leads which can be easily converted with the right on-site strategy.

If you are looking for Pinterest management services or a Pinterest Manager, get in touch with Sandi for a free audit.

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